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GRAPH-X is an extremely easy to use, ceramic coating engineered with silicon nitride and further enhanced with reduced graphene oxide.


What all of that means is that it's going to give you outstanding protection on pretty much every surface of your vehicle. Use it on paint, plastic, rubber, vinyl, wheels, glass, chrome and anything else they put on cars these days. It's completely safe for vinyl wraps and decals....matte, denim or glossy. The graphene raises the slickness and gloss to a whole new level, while helping to reduce water spots. Amazing protection for your vehicle.

You don't need multiple coatings, you just need ONE GREAT COATING!

Applying the coating couldn't be much easier: SHAKE BOTTLE. Starting with a clean surface, simply apply to the panel in straight back and forth motions ... not a cross-hatch pattern, slightly overlapping each pass. Let the coating bond as long as possible without allowing it to dry on the panel. If you see the coating "sweat", it's time to remove. Wipe off the excess with a clean microfiber towel. Now just stand back and enjoy the shine!

If you wish to apply an additional layer of the coating or a topper, wait an hour between coats.

Protection lasts 5+ years, but can be reapplied as often as you wish, to keep your vehicle looking it's best. You can also use our SPEED SLICK as a maintenance coating. 

If you're new to ceramic coatings, please read our PRODUCT DISCLAIMER, in the menu section.

100ml (3.4oz) Bottle.