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Why We Started BLACK RHINO

We started BLACK RHINO because, quite simply, we were tired of all the crappy products on the market. You can't look on the internet without seeing all these companies claiming to wash, dry, remove scratches, shine and seal with a rock hard or "diamond" finish .....all in one product. Unfortunately, most of them can't even do ONE of those things, let alone ALL of them. Now, there ARE some good products out there, but the vast majority of them rarely live up to all the hype.

We also got tired of all these companies trying to cram dozens and dozens of products down your throat. We've seen them offer multiple versions of the exact same product, simply to try to sell you more unnecessary products. We saw a company that had 14 ceramic coatings on their website. They had a 1 year coating, a 2 year coating, a 3 year and so on ..... then they had a coating for paint, a coating for glass, a coating for wheels, a coating for trim ... where does it end? All you really need is ONE GREAT COATING!

And don't even get us started on all the over the top, shady ads that have infested the internet! You know which ones we're talking about, the videos that set the hood on fire, hit the car with a lighter, use a drill on the side of the car or dump a bucket of nuts and bolts on the car to show how tough their product is. Or the videos that show a vehicle completely trashed, then after just a few sprays, it's showroom ready again. THAT IS JUST BS!