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Many of the chemicals we use around the home or shop on a daily basis are flammable/combustible. While these are generally safe as long as you don't use them around an open flame or other heat source, some precautions should still be taken. 

1. Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles/glasses/shield, respirator, etc, when using such chemicals...if required. 

2. Ensure there is adequate ventilation if using indoors.

3. Never throw chemical soaked towels or applicators directly in the trash. Some chemicals are capable of building up heat and/or catching fire.

4. Before discarding any towels or applicator pads, either lay them on the ground or hang them to dry completely. Alternatively, you could throw them in a bucket of water to soak after use, if it was water based chemicals. Another method is to use a sealed disposal bin.....a small metal trash can with metal lid would work fine also.

5. If planning on washing and reusing towels or applicator pads that have come in contact with flammable/combustible chemicals, always line-dry them, as they could catch fire in the dryer.