THANK YOU for your continued support!

Buy A Coating, Become A Partner

At BLACK RHINO, we do more than just CLAIM to be a better company than all the rest....we PROVE IT! 

We already have great AMERICAN MADE products at great prices, we give 10% of all sales back to 1 lucky customer each month and we help collect money for cancer patients that are struggling with their bills, but we feel we should DO EVEN MORE!

So for the next 25,000 bottles sold (of any product) we will enter those customers in a special drawing. Then we will randomly pick 3 of the customers, and they will each receive a 5% stake in BLACK RHINO CAR CARE. 

You won't find a deal like this with any other car care company. We can only do this because we care about a whole lot more than just the money. As long as we can make a decent living at this, then we are compelled to help as many people as we possibly can. And with your continued support, we know we'll help many.