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You've worked hard cleaning your vehicle, making it shine and now it's time to protect it. Don't trust that job to just any old wax or coating you find at the parts-store. Finish the job off right with BLACK RHINO.

Applying BLACK RHINO not only kicks the gloss level up to a new level, but it completely seals your vehicle from the harsh elements, bird droppings, industrial fallout, road salt and anything else you may encounter.

BLACK RHINO offers increased shine, decreased spotting, enhanced UV protection and a smoother feel. Not only do it's anti-graffiti properties increase over the first few days, but the coating actually gets harder too. 

We've developed a coating that not only protects and shines better than a typical ceramic coating, but because of it's enhanced anti-static properties, it repels dust better and for a longer period of time. And water just falls off the vehicle, greatly reducing the chance of water spots.


Applying the coating couldn't be much easier: SHAKE BOTTLE. Starting with a clean surface, simply apply to the panel in straight back and forth motions ... not a cross-hatch pattern, slightly overlapping each pass. Let the coating bond as long as possible without allowing it to dry on the panel...typically around 3-5 minutes. You'll see a rainbow effect or possibly a slight dulling. When this rainbow effect starts to fade, it's time to remove. Wipe off the excess with a clean microfiber towel. Now all that's left to do is just stand back and enjoy the shine!

If you wish to apply an additional layer of the coating or a topper, wait an hour between coats.

Protection lasts 2-3 years, but can be reapplied anytime you want to freshen it up a bit. You can also use our SPEED SLICK as a maintenance coating.


We believe we've developed coatings that you're going to love. In fact, if you're not absolutely thrilled with your coating, send it back.....we'll refund your money. 

If you're new to ceramic coatings, please read our PRODUCT DISCLAIMER, in the menu section.

100ml (3.4oz) Bottle