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The ceramic game has changed!

OPTIX is like no other coating on the market. No longer does performance have to be sacrificed for ease of use. No more waiting for rainbows to appear and no more waiting for the coating to "sweat". There is absolutely no guesswork at all. OPTIX applies smoothly, hazes over like a wax and then the excess simply wipes away.

OPTIX is a unique blend of silanes and siloxanes, which bonds extremely well to the surface being coated and delivers amazing hydrophobics.

OPTIX also contains PTFE-treated silica nanoparticles, which help add to the hydrophobics, chemical resistance and gloss. 

OPTIX is completely safe for every surface we've tested it on .... paint, glass, plastics, wraps/decals, metals and more.

Applying OPTIX couldn't be much easier: SHAKE BOTTLE. Starting with a clean surface, simply apply to the panel in straight back and forth motions, slightly overlapping each pass. Let it haze over. Wipe off the excess with a clean microfiber towel. Now just stand back and enjoy the shine!

OPTIX can be wiped off as soon as it hazes over, or you can let it set up longer if you wish. We've left it on the surface for up to 2 hours, with no ill-effects. However, it is a little harder to remove at these extended times, so just test and see what works best for you in your environment.

If you wish to apply an additional layer of OPTIX or a topper, wait an hour between coats.


Protection lasts 5+ years, but can be reapplied as often as you wish, to keep your vehicle looking it's best. You can also use our SPEED SLICK as a maintenance coating. 

*If you're new to ceramic coatings, please read our PRODUCT DISCLAIMER, in the menu section.

100ml (3.4 oz) Bottle