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To celebrate the release of our NU-CLEAR and SPEED-CLEAR and our Facebook pages, BLACK RHINO - Coatings For Higher Profits, and The Speed Clear, we've come up with a special promotion.... the first 1,000 orders will get the customers entered to win $10,000. Each bottle purchased is good for 1 entry. To be eligible, the customer must also join the Facebook group. So pick up a bottle or 2, join the group and YOU could be the lucky winner!

SPEED-CLEAR is a quick and economical way to bring life back to the weathered, faded and scratched paint on your vehicle. 

Representing the latest in restoration coatings, SPEED-CLEAR applies extremely easy, filling in light scratches and scuffs and brings the gloss back to the neglected and damaged paint. 

While we love NU-CLEAR and SPEED-CLEAR, and SPEED-CLEAR PRO, and we think you will too, we want to be absolutely clear on the fact that these are not "miracle products" and WILL NOT repair every single scratch or blemish on your vehicle. These coatings are made primarily for the mobile repair technician, to make their job easier when performing front-line service for used car dealerships, helping them improve the vehicle's appearance by 80-90 percent. 

These coatings are PERFECT for the detailer with customers who want their vehicles to look better, but they don't want the higher costs that come with a full-blown paint correction. Or situations where a traditional paint correction isn't possible, because the original clear coat is just too thin. 

They're also PERFECT for those who don't own a buffer or are not comfortable using one themselves.

Any bigger rock-chips or scratches not filled in by NU-CLEAR or SPEED-CLEAR, can be touched up after the application, if so desired. The resin contained in these coatings acts as an adhesion promoter, helping the touch-up paint to bond with the surface better.

What makes SPEED-CLEAR different from NU-CLEAR isn't just chemistry, but also the way each coating applies. NU-CLEAR gets applied in thin coats, left to set up for a while, then the excess is removed. While SPEED-CLEAR is applied in a thicker coat, then left alone to self-level and cure, with no additional steps.

SPEED-CLEAR can be used on faded plastic trim as well, however, we recommend our BLACKOUT, which was specifically designed for plastic trim. 










Proper prep is critical, you will not get the desired results and longevity if not properly prepped. Surface must be clean and dry for application. Wipe down with a wax and grease remover or panel prep to remove any contaminants. We recommend using a clay bar or clay towel to remove any contaminants that may be bonded to the surface. Using alcohol during the claying process helps eliminate all old waxes or sealants. After claying, wipe panel down one last time with urethane reducer, alcohol, wax and grease remover or panel prep of your choice. Apply a medium coat of SPEED-CLEAR to the panel in side to side motions, from one side of the panel to the other, overlapping each pass by about 50% and keep working the wet edge. Completely coat the panel. Look at the panel from several angles, checking that you've not missed any spots. SPEED-CLEAR will flow out, self-level and start to cure. Once you're satisfied with your work, leave the vehicle to dry/cure for several hours. Keep the vehicle dry for the first few days, while the coating is fully curing, to avoid any issues caused by moisture.

For a visual on how to apply, please watch the application videos above.  (Coming soon)

Please join our Facebook groups.....BLACK RHINO... Coatings For Higher Profits, and The SpeedClear. There you'll find more application videos, before and after photos, application tips and can chat with other customers who are using our other products. 

8 Ounce Bottle (Enough To Repair Several Vehicles)